Our Knowledge of the USPS Is Our Client's Advantage

Not sure about the best way to work with the USPS? Confused by postal regulations? Don’t let preventable missteps derail your direct mail marketing campaigns. DMD has been working with the USPS for decades. Our experience and relationships with the USPS, as well as compliance with key USPS programs and regulations, translate to lower postage costs and on-time, error-free delivery of your mailings. This is how we help our clients maximize direct mail ROI.

Increase Direct Mail Impact and Reach with Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a USPS notification feature that provides residential customers with digital scans of the front of incoming, letter-size mail. In other words, it shows people what mail they’ll be receiving before it arrives in their mailbox. These images can be viewed via email notification, mobile app or online dashboard.

Informed Delivery also creates a tremendous opportunity for your business to engage consumers by integrating direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. When someone views digital previews of their mail, they’ll see a custom ad and supplemental content that reinforce your physical mailing. This allows you to reach consumers digitally, generate more impressions from a single mailpiece, and improve response rates.

On top of our direct mail, printing, converting and finishing, and lettershop services, DMD can help you create digital artwork and execute Informed Delivery campaigns that comply with USPS requirements and support your marketing objectives. Check out the resources below to learn more about Informed Delivery, how campaigns work, and the value they provide.

Informed Delivery CoMarketing Guide

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