We have dozens of strategic and technical tools at our disposal to help you get the best possible results from your direct mail marketing campaign. The collective expertise of the Direct Mail Depot team allows us to recommend the right combination of services and guide your strategy based on your business objectives, challenges and target audience.


Simply put, we know how to work with the USPS. We know how to format mail pieces to keep costs down. We know how to avoid pitfalls that prevent your mail from going out on time. Onsite postal verification and compliance with programs such as eInduction, eDoc, Co-Pal, and the Drop Shipment Management System increases the reliability, efficiency and speed of your direct mail marketing campaigns. The value of our partnership with the USPS cannot be overstated, and every Direct Mail Depot customer benefits from that partnership.

Postal services include:

  • Full-Service Presort and File Hygiene – We process, analyze and optimize database and make sure all addresses are deliverable so you don’t waste money.
  • Mail Tracking – We show you how to use unique phone numbers, website addresses, coupon codes, QR codes and Intelligent Mail barcodes to track response rates and conversions.
  • Full USPS Mail Handling and Commingling – Whether we’re shipping to the local post office or national distribution centers, we know how to reduce postage costs and delivery times by combining and sorting mail from multiple companies into the proper bundled trays.


Direct mail marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Direct mail is typically part of a larger marketing campaign and should be carefully integrated with other platforms to enable better testing, tracking, analysis and optimization. For example, you can email prospects on the same day they receive physical mail and coordinate the contents of both to increase response rates. Variable color digital printing supports cross-platform marketing, enabling you to customize your mail pieces and test different approaches. When you use Intelligent Mail barcodes and other unique identifiers, direct mail is just as trackable as the internet.


Our digital, web and cut-sheet printing technology and expertise make direct mail marketing campaigns more sophisticated, precise and cost-effective. We help you determine how each direct mail project should be executed – web, cut-sheet, digital, large format, highly personalized cards, etc. – to deliver the highest impact for the lowest cost.

Services include:

  • Digital color web and cut-sheet printing
  • Black and white laser web and cut-sheet printing
  • High-volume inkjet addressing

All digital printing is handled in-house. Variable color digital printing allows us to customize your direct mail activities with specific images, logos, colors, text and more for different segments of your database. This ensures that each piece will be relevant and grab the attention of the recipient. Our digital printing experts will work with you to determine if web or cut-sheet printing is best for your project based on volume and speed requirements, as well as the application, from letters and postcards to self-mailers and flat-rate mail.

We want to help you use the power of your database.


Web and cut-sheet folding, converting and finishing services such as complex folding, gluing, stamp and card affixing, product sampling, wafer sealing, insertion and folding all occur in the same facility. This enables us to streamline the direct mail process in terms of both time and cost.


Our traditional lettershop services help you produce and deliver direct mail marketing with the right design, right message, and right format to the right audience as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, DMD is far more than your average lettershop.

In addition to regular mail formats such as number 10 and 6×9, few companies can match our capacity and horsepower for inserting and processing flat-rate mail (9×12 mail pieces). These mailings, such as calendars and large applications, are more likely to be noticed and remembered when mailed flat and unfolded. DMD can handle high-volume, flat-rate mail with fast turnaround.

High-speed, high-volume inserting using the latest technology reduces turnaround and maximizes cost efficiency. Our match inserting service makes it possible to merge customized components, such as cards, letters, envelopes and magnets, to create personalized mailings for the recipients. Matched card and product tipping with personalized cards, product samples and activation codes can grab the attention of customers, while our affixing services, from scratch off labels to creative envelope seals, make your mail more interactive.


When mail components, contents or items need to be packed in a way that can’t be automated or handled by machine, we have the in-house resources to handle these tasks. This includes “pick and pack” services, promotional assembly such as welcome packages, gifts and donation kits, and manifesting. Direct Mail Depot is approved by the USPS to perform manifesting services, which include merging multiple mail pieces for delivery to one individual to reduce costs. Also, our facility is under constant video surveillance to ensure the security of your products.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to direct mail marketing. Let us help you develop a strategy with the right services and technology.

Contact us to launch a cost-effective direct mail marketing campaign that helps you stand out from the competition and connect with customers.