DMD works primarily with large and midsize companies to carry out direct mail marketing campaigns that maximize impact and ROI while saving postage dollars. Here are just a few ways we can help businesses in a variety of industries and the nonprofit sector develop successful direct mail strategies.


We understand that success in healthcare is driven largely by patient trust. Our HITRUST CSF certification means we have the security controls, technology and procedures in place to meet HIPAA requirements for protecting the sensitive data and patient information used by hospitals and healthcare networks. Direct mail solutions for healthcare organizations include but are not limited to patient acquisition, benefits package distribution, flat-rate mail for applications, and enrollment kit fulfillment. We can help you enhance your brand and earn the trust of the communities you serve.


Banks, credit unions, financial advisors, credit card companies, mortgage lenders and other financial institutions must balance customer acquisition with strict data privacy regulations. Whether you want to promote low interest rates, mortgage refinancing, retirement accounts or a special event, we can make sure your direct mail is noticed and remembered. Do you want to include headshots of local representatives from each branch location or send different prospectuses to different clients? Variable color digital printing allows us to seamlessly and efficiently customize your mailings. At the same time, our HITRUST CSF certification ensures your data is secure.


We help cable, internet, phone and mobile providers find new customers and cross-market services to existing customers while reinforcing and enhancing the brand image. We can test different colors and designs in one stream instead of segregating your mailing, which saves you money and allows you to fine tune your approach. Let us help you leverage your data and get your message out quickly and powerfully to the right audience.


The competition faced by auto, health, homeowners and life insurance companies, both online and offline, has never been more intense. Direct mail marketing allows you to get your brand in front of potential customers and cultivate new relationships. We can also help you conduct affinity marketing and co-branding campaigns, using variable color digital printing to automatically swap out logos of affinity partners and customize mail pieces with local agent photos – all in the same stream.


We help large retailers increase sales and profits, drive in-store and online traffic, support omni-channel efforts, and deliver a consistent customer experience. Reach an entire market with Saturation Bulk Mail or use your database and high-quality variable color to target a specific audience with a personalized offer. Tip cards and coupons into self-mailers, send product samples, or create interactive mail pieces to engage consumers. We use Intelligent Mail Barcodes to integrate direct mail with email, website and social media marketing, test different approaches, and track the results.


Direct mail marketing can help you reduce customer acquisition costs, introduce new services, and explain how customers can save money on their utility bill. Send an incentive card for new customers to redeem when they switch to your service, follow up with a welcome card, and include an insert promoting a maintenance contract in their monthly bill. Electric, gas, water, solar and other energy companies can use direct mail to start a conversation with customers, influence behavior and increase customer satisfaction.


Cost-efficient fundraising and donor relationship management are essential to successful nonprofit operations. We can help you design and mail your donation requests, “thank you” cards, welcome kits, calendars, event invitations and other mailings in a way that keeps postage costs down without sacrificing impact. We’ll help you understand your options, from high-impact, flat-rate mail to simple reminder cards, so you can make the best decisions to support your nonprofit’s mission.

Contact us to launch a cost-effective direct mail marketing campaign that helps you stand out from the competition and connect with customers.